Router proximity problem?

spock7411 Posts 1 Registration date Sunday November 3, 2013 Status Member Last seen November 3, 2013 - Nov 3, 2013 at 10:28 PM
Here's what's happening: in my house the cable modem and router are in the office, which is upstairs. My bedroom shares a wall with the office, actually the wall the router is next to on the shelf. When I am in my bedroom, I can get my mobile phone to connect to the internet maybe 20% of the time, even though my speed test app says the connection is running at the proper speed. However, when I go downstairs to the main floor it works fine. I have no idea where to even start in trying to figure this out. I have reset the phone (both user and factory) and there was no change. I can use the WiFi at other places just fine, it's just when I'm literally 10 feet away from the router that it is wonky. Like I said, I'm at a loss. Please help if you can.