Menu text (such as find server, options...) not appearing

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I had this problem but got it solved so I thought I should share the solution with others

One way to solve it, is to run the game in software mode using:
options>>video>> run in software

But software mode isn't as good as Opengl to play with

second method (the one I used) is:

If you are using intel chipset or any other graphics card
then go to "3d settings" by following :
1. right click on desktop
2. select "graphic properties"
3. once open click the button in bottom right "3d settings"
4. click restore defaults (we just want to set the values of "Force S3TC Texture Compression" to "off" and "Force FXT1 Texture Compression" to "off" .)

if using some other graphics card you could look for similar settings.

This seems to solve the problem.