Creating workbook and copying data

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Monday December 23, 2013
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January 1, 2014

I have a work book in which the sheet - "Master list". Column D contains the master list of clients. 2nd sheet "Template" contains the master tabular column.

In the same FOLDER, I have a file created for each existing clients.

I will enter name of the client in the cell A3.

If the client name is already existing in the column D, then the file for the client should open

If the client name typed does not exist in the master list in column D, then,

It should automatically create a workbook in the same FOLDER with the name of the NEW client typed in cell A3, and copy the tabular column from the sheet "Template", and save it.

Can anyone please help me to create an event macro for the same please?

Earlier I got support from this forum, but the user have changed the requirement, and I have to come back with this new requirement. I am a novice in VBA / Macro and I am fully dependant on your support.

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