Toshiba laptop just up and stopped working right.

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A few weeks back I was watching a movie on the laptop and the whole thing froze. So I did a simple power cycle, unplugged everything from it, pulled the battery, and then held down the power button. When I went to reboot it back up it showed some kind of error message and wouldn't load up at all. With a little tinkering I finally got it to start loading up in safe mode. But even loading in safe mode it seems to take 15 plus minutes to load up to the screen where I type in my password to access my account, then when I get there it takes another 20 plus minutes for it to load up. In safe mode it doesn't me to access almost anything with out it freezing up again. If I try loading it up in regular mode it take almost 3 hours to load completely up. That's if it doesn't end up freezing again. If it ever does load up in regular mode it takes about 15 minutes just for my start menu to load up and pretty much no matter what I click on it ends up just spazzing out and freezing again. If tried resetting the memory back to a previous version but it says there are none. I've tried to just reset the computer back to factor settings but I can't seem to figure out how. The laptop its only a year old. Its extremely annoying due to the fact I have to use the laptop for work... Any help would greatly be appreciated