Macro for new workbook from "database spreadsheet"

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Wednesday March 12, 2014
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March 12, 2014
Hi all,

Have been looking around the forums for some help, and there's been some really useful code but am struggling to put it all together to achieve my particular aim.

My aim: Create a new workbook for each row of my "database spreadsheet". However, this worksheet needs to be a copy of an existing workbook, my "template". Basically a form.

I need the macro to:
1) Create a new folder per row, name based on a cell in each row
2) Within the folder, create a copy of the "template" workbook, name matching the folder name
3) Fill in a cell within the template with the unique ID so that other cells are then populated due to a link back to the original "database spreadsheet"

I have a macro for point 1, but can't seem to get 2 and 3 to then follow from it. As this is where my knowledge fails me. I would be grateful for any assitance or guidance.