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Monday March 31, 2014
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March 31, 2014
Here I sit, an American that enjoys British television and movies. The problem is that understanding the banter of Sherlock is best accomplished with a subtitle track when the actors recite their lines at warp speed & muddle. No knock to Sherlock since the same thing occurred with Luther and The Hour.
I use the VLC player 2.1.3
I have read a couple of the answers posted to your site regarding subtitles and the VLC player. The problem I am finding is that when I read the "fix it in a jiffy" formula that is proposed, the solution is not feasible because the menu options are not available.
For example, clicking on the VIDEO menu/video track to enable subtitles menu is not possible since the subtitles track is not listed as part of this menu on my version of VLC.
Here are some but not all of the steps I have taken to remedy this issue. I have ...
1. clicked on the SUBTITLE menu, and added the SRT subtitle file. (Which I have downloaded as an SRT file from Subtitles.org)
2. Added a VLC plug-in, which supposedly will search and add a subtitle file tot he film you are viewing. This plugin is visible under the VIEW menu, where I can view it's listing "VL Sub 0.9.10.". It looks nice, but serves no purpose as nothing happens when I have clicked on it.
3. Reset my preferences to be sure that I did not booger up the works with an inadvertent tick mark.
4. Uninstalled VLC player and reinstalled the newest version
5. Uninstalled VLC Player and paid credence to the instructions on the VLC plugin site where 0.9.10 came from that states that "this plugin does not work with the current version and reinstalling 2.0.8 might be the best course of action". I did this without achieving any satisfaction.
6. I watched a French film without subtitles thinking that learning the French language may be a simpler task than adding a subtitle file. Oui? No!
7. I gave up and installed Potplayer. Since I do not read or speak Korean, and Google failed to translate their webpage for some reason, I quickly retreated from this exercise.
8. I downloaded a video player from the subtitles.org site and spent most of the next day removing the Trojans and malware that they supply free of charge.

I sense that my problem will not be resolved with three clicks and cloud of dust. Might you have better idea?

Thank you for your time.