Code of copy paste data

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Hi all of you

I have my data spreaded from A2 to K2 and the huge long
block of data.
I wanted a solution like this. Consider
The first block of data from A2 to K7 where the code number in
A2 to A7 for example are same say 111.
It is not necessary that every block will be from A2 to K7.
There can be certain block from A2 to K4 OR A2 to K9 etc.

Now if I mention any number say 4 in N2 and run
the code then it should make that many copy of that block and
paste it one below the other. After running the code the data of
block will spread from A2 to K31
The first copied block will be from
A8 to K13 Then
A14 to K19 Then
A20 to K25 Then
A26 to K31

If not possible in the same sheet then the result can be trnfrd to second
sheet i.e sheet2.