Bluetooth issues with dell latitude E55-40

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Hello... i have been sharings pics between my pc and my samsung s3 until this morning... i shared a few and then i mistakenly closed the window that was asking me permission to recieve the file, and have been unbable to use it since! it's not my samsung as i can send and receive from other devices, so it must be a windows problem. done everything i read to do on the net,bluetoooth support services etc, i removed and added the device a few times, everytime it gets recognised and i have to ok the activation key, i reeboted both pc and phone.... presently the device is visible in my list of devices, but when i double click it i get: no available services or remote device connection failure...!! if i right click the device i get the device name but no info about manufacturer or model etc 9though am not sure whether it was all there before) , only that it is a phone...if i go to services i get the bluetooth icon but a blank page under it...if i go to bluetooth through the taskbar the device is shown, all the things are clicked in options except turn off adapter....
what else can i do?
thank you!

hello... i got an email directing me to what was supposed to be an answer to my above question by a certain bvcxz...but when i click the link supplied it opens onto an arabic page with the picture of a man fumigating a house! is it a spam, should i be worried?