Connected and able to browse but only for a while

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Hello, I just got this wifi connection problem just yesterday on my laptop.

Here is my problem though, I was able to get connected to my internet just fine.
I am able to browse it, but then suddenly, after certain minutes or hour of browsing, suddenly I wasn't able to browse the internet anymore.

What confuses me is that my connection is still on. It was still connected to my wifi. It shows "Internet access". I also try to ping and was able to ping my own ip address, my ip default gateway, dhcp server and dns server well. But I can no longer ping any other, let's say my friend's laptop ip address or google etc. I have tried disconnecting my internet and reconnecting, and able to connect well. Just like before, it has internet access and i can ping myself but i just can no longer browse internet anymore. The browser either shows loading with blank white page for hours or shows request time out/web page cannot be load. Also, sometimes, I tried closing my browsers and when I try to open it back, the browser won't open or takes time to open (usually chrome was able to open but mozilla just won't). When it opens it's not my homepage but shows unable to connect to internet or something.

However, i noticed, everytime i restart my laptop, i can connect and browse just fine but like i said before, after 1 hour or so of browsing suddenly i wasn't able to browse anymore.
I tried google to find solution but find none like my problem. I also have tried putting the command "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" into cmd and restarting.
Of course, I can connect and browse internet just fine, but then after 1 hour or so, none of the web pages I browse will load. Even though my internet shows it's connected and have "internet access". I can still ping my ip, my ip default gateway, the dhcp server and dns server but can no longer ping google, or even my friend's laptop ip address.

Hopefully someone can help.