Tracking 3 columns of scores between 1-10: OSAT, Arrival, Staff

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I am excel illiterate so please forgive me...

I need to create a formula that will go out and look for a set of initials, take the data associated with them, and place them into a corresponding cell on another page. Here is an example:

I am tracking 3 columns of scores between 1-10: OSAT, Arrival, Staff Service
Each guest and their scores will be one row, with the last column containing the initials of the associate who checked them in.
I need excel to associate scores and initials for each column on another page. So if Bob Jones (B6) gave scores of 9(e6), 8(f6), 3(g6), and SDG are the initials of the person who checked them in, how do I get excel to take that info and place it into columns (same format) on another page dedicated to SDG's scores only?

I realize the question might be a little confusing, so if anyone has even a general idea, Im happy to provide any additional information!