Extract data from one workbook and paste into another workbook

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We receive a workbook with various different sheets every month. We need to copy data from the workbook we receive into the workbook we use. We have a sheet for every department and we need to get data from a departments sheet in the workbook we receive and paste the information in the same departments sheet in the workbook we use. We gather data for various months, so for each department we need to copy and paste at least three months of data (its only a single number for every month).

I want to use either an Excel function or VBA code. I want to for example click on a button than the program must automatically search for a specific department in the workbook we receive, and paste that departments data in the workbook we use. The program must also be able to specifiy between different months and paste the correct data under the correct month column.

Any suggestions? I can supply an example