Is my Core 2 Quad Q6700 (65 nm) gone?

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My problems began with a vent fan malfunction. BIOS said a fan not spinning. After 6 times of opening my tower I found that the vent fan was stopped. Got the identical fan and added a larger venting fan (a switch on the fan lets me select low, med or high fan speed) directly over the CPU fan. Power to fan via molex directly from a 650W upgraded psu. After cleaning the tower and putting new termal paste, I installed Core Temp and CUPID HWMonitor. I got results that scared me. On a flash game site I play on both had identical high temps. 102C. Went to HP and Intel & found that the Tcase temp was listed at 62.5C which means the Tjunction temp about 70C only 32C over the max. Tested my CPU with Prime95 6 cycles of tests at 100% load on every core. I stopped at six cause there were no errors but the temp had reached 102C so I quit and didn't run the recommended 8 hrs. The flash game site has temps of 91 to 94C Tj. Anybody who has used Core Temp can really help me out by explaning to me why the Tj min & max values increase as my TJ temps increases & why after scanning my system Core Temp sets the Tj max at 100C. I'm at a loss cause I can't tell if I'm OK or not. Right now got two temperature programs running & typing my question the actual temp varies between 62-66C depending on the core. I've had this computer over 5 years and I can't tell a difference in speed or accuracy. I love movies and use this computer to make back up copies that is stored on external Hds from the time when the only HD format that was sold was HD DVDs. I transmuxed the mpls Blue Ray files on the disc and make them ISO. Could not find a single case of pixelation on all 6 that I saved externally. They are perfect. Playback on my computer with Power DVD is smooth with no hesitation or any errors. Tested with a WD media player on my flat screen TV. No errors. Files when played back on my computer shows about 4% CPU as the GPU handles the video rendering & the sound card handles the audio 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio. Just before I started this question I flashed my AMI BIOS to the latest & the TJ went down a couple of degrees. I went and stopped about 50 processes & services which helped reduce Tj a few degrees. Hopefully someone out there can show me what else I can do to reduce Tj even lower. I was going to change the heat sink but cannot find one that will fit in my case. Thanks for reading this. If anybody knows what program or how does Vista shut down my computer if it finds excessive temps. I do have Windows 7 ultimate installed on a 500gb partition. Maybe that is increasing the temps overall. Looking foward to any ideas you may have. Aloha, tangone