Wd my passport 0730 not working properly in windows 7

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Wednesday July 16, 2014
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July 16, 2014
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Any one plz solve this

A months ago i was coping my files to wd my passport hard drive 0730 at that time my laptop battery dead and shutdown,then i restart my laptop but it will not show any drive is connected then later a week i connected that drive to another laptop LIGHT TRUNS in it,SPINING SOUND etc..but no tick mark on usb..then i read lots of things how to rework tat drive ..

some of their answer made my disk to detect and working it but my drive will not work longer..suddenly it stops working by saying not responding..i sure tat my drive is in trouble.so i started coping it data from it..but while coping it stops coping and closed windows again it starts opening auto play but before that it ask 2 to 4 time format the disk then use..but i didnt do format.because of having important files

then i copied most of important files and deleting files in drive but it took 3 days to delete those files...but i delete just 4mb just eg it deleting 30gb recycling it,

i got temped and formated my hard drive when it asked format then use,it did it..but now i cant access my drive.it asking to format format format..but it works quicker for safely remove :) option faster respond also


1. my drive is detected with letter in my computer but i cant access it
2.it asking format but if try format it says windows was unable to complete format
3.manage >disk management > i can see 931.48gb, i can change drive letter but it changed and say format
4.if i format wit exfat then saying format didnt complete successfully
5.if i un install drive and then un plug the drive and restart laptop and plug again my drive..it starts installing driver and asking format again.
6.zero space free zero disk used
7,before my hard drive working after the problem when i coping files..some times its copies files at speed rate of max 190mb/s and sometimes slowly in 25 kb/s
8. asking format but it was unable to format..but light turns and disk runs smoother inside..

i think it works good..because every thing ejecting pluging runs smoother..changing leters and also in diskmanagement drive working properly ..is working good only but i dont know y i cant access

tell me what i have to do ?? is there any solution .is ther any software..

thankyou so much ,,,