Conditional formatting based on information in two sep. Cells.

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Hey guys. This is for Google sheets, but since its mostly the same, the answer should work.

Heres my problem. I have a Data point in B3/B999. In D3/D999 And E3/E999 I gave it two types. Some Data Points only have 1 Type.

I have 18. Different Types. Each assigned an conditional color through Conditional Formatting.

In From P2 to AG2 I Listed every Data Point under Each Seperate Typeing. Resulting in 18 Collums.
This is the code i used for Listing.
=QUERY(B:E; "SELECT B WHERE D = 'Electric' OR E = 'Electric'";)

Now to my question and where im stuck.
Some of my Data Points have 2. Assigned Types. If a Data Point is Listed under the Electric Collum. (AB). And it have another Type Assigned to it. I want it to show the Color of the Other type. While listed under the Collum of its Main type. And Vice Versa when its Later Displayed in The opposite List.

I can give you acess to the Sheet my question wasnt clear enoght.
I hope you guys can help me.