Error during MEBx execution.

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Hi, i recently bought a used HP DC7900, it works just fine, but there's two error messages that appear when i start the computer, the first one :
2211- Memory not configured correctly for proper MEBx exection.
Make sure there is a memory Module in the black DIMM socket.
the second one ( the one that scares me ) : 2233-HECI Error during MEBx execution
MEBx status = 0304
ME bios extention module halted
Update BIOS Or ME Firmeware if the problem persists.
Now the computer works fine, i didn't notice any issues, but when i searched a little bit about this error ( on HP's website for instance ) it appears to be a faulty motherboard, i would like to know if the second error is the result of the first one ( the Memory module not being on the black socket) or are they two seperate issues.
Thank for any answer.