Micro SD Corrupted Unreadable Unknown File System

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I was transferring data to my 8 GB Samsung Micro SD card that was in my cell phone during this. Suddenly due to power cut, my computer went off, when I reopened it, my phone said "Unsupported or Blank Card"" also my card became Unrecognizable to my pc. I tried using Micro SD Card adapter, Card Reader, Different Phones, Tablets, but none of them recognizing it now. I really cant afford to loose the data in it.
I tried command prompt, repairing and recovery software, but since its not accessible to the computer, everything just got failed. Changed Drive Letter Path and all that tries. I was almost in a condition to give-up, but when i tried inserting it in one of a china made tablet, it worked for a while. But now again in that tablet too, it says damaged card. I seriously believe, there must be a chance to get the data back even if I loose my card, not a big deal.

Please HELP me out... Pleaseeee :(
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