Excel 2003 Date format

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Excel 2003 Date format yymmdd

I use Excel 2003 (because I like it) and use the International date format yymmdd (it is the shortest version of the date for my specific needs).

This yymmdd format had been set in my Regional settings, and I have been using this format for nearly 10 years without a problem. I have many spreadsheets set up in this format, and when I enter other dates, it now gets confused.

1) When I try to enter the date as a number (to be converted to the date in the specific format, it will only convert to a date before the year 2000, although then it may display in the format yymmdd. (Regional Settings is set to accept yy entered dates as between 1930 and 2029)

2) I do calculations, like Max (date) and Min (date) and differences in dates, which will not work anymore.

How can I fix these?