Macro-Microsoft Outlook-Export Subjectline, To:, cc: and Subject

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Greetings Kioskea Experts,

It has always been a pleasure to approach Kioskea team who always welcome problems with open arms, that is not provided any where in this web world.

We appreciate the gesture that is given by experts here, to the people in need.

Hope that my following request would also considered for assistance so that I in turn could assist my team members:

I have 1000+ emails in kept in [inbox] and [sub folders] inside [inbox] of my Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Kindly provide me a solution to extract [in columns] following from there in excel file order by Name + Date[yyyy-mm-dd] :

1. Email From [sent by [Email Id]] if possible then also the [Name].

2. Email To: [Sent to [Email Id]] if possible then also the [Name].

3. Email [Cc:] [marked a Copied to [Email Id]] if possible then also the [Name].

4. The Subject Line of this email.

5. A flag whether or not the email contains any attachment, a flag [Y] or [N].

The solution for the above request would be appreciated deeply from heart!

Thank you,

Best Regards - AD

Note: If the limit of Rows is over, then the extracted list should continue to the next sheet of the same workbook.