My Keyboard isn't working correctly

FallenFalcon Posts 1 Registration date Wednesday August 6, 2014 Status Member Last seen August 6, 2014 - Aug 6, 2014 at 05:35 AM
Basicly here's the issue, last year I had a keyboard that done the simillar thing but I never tried to fix it what it would do is, is that if I press Z it makes "z#" and if I pressed "S" it'd delete everything I typed. But it wasn't just those keys when I press tab it would do something that it isn't supposed to do. When I press "P" it would make "pI". I've tried the language configuration, reset drivers, reinstalled drivers. But it's odd cause it happened exactly the same way to my old keyboard now it's happening to my new one. But the thing is, is that if I plug in another keyboard it works perfectly fine. My keyboard is a ROCCAT ISKU multi-color gaming keyboard. I don't have a FN key either.