UserForm ListBox save data and modify

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I'm new to this forum and certainly new to VBA. I have a UserForm with 4 listbox. The users select items from the first listbox, they press an "add" button and the selection is sent to the 2nd listbox. They can select an item they sent in the 2nd listbox and press "remove" to delete the item from the second listbox (for example if they selected an item by mistake). They do the same thing with the 3rd listbox where is another list of item they have to choose and sent into the 4th listbox. Finally they press a "complete" button and all the data from listbox 2 and 4 is sent into 2 listbox on an excel worksheet. on the worksheet I also have a modify button for users to reopen the userform with the current selection and modify it. This process works fine but I have 2 problems. First, I want to be able to save the data on the worksheet and modify it when the worksheet is reopen. Currently, I send the data into a cell range so the selection can be saved and I wrote a code in the WorkSheet_Open where my 2 listbox on the worksheet are populate with the range. But when I reopen the file I can't modify the selection again. Second problem, I want that the users can't select an item twice in the userform. I would like that when an item is sent to the second listbox, it become enabled or invisible or deleted from the source listbox and when the remove button is press the item reappears in the source listbox.

Hope I'm clear enough!

Thank a lot!