Desktop Not Loading

Haza - Mar 10, 2009 at 05:49 PM
Hello, I've read dozens of threads now, i've tried editing my registry, doing a system restore and tons more methods, but i'm still getting the same problem so i hoped someone here could help me.

Now, i switch my computer on and everything loads as normal, this is on my Vista Home Premium, i get the welcome screen but then nothing but a BLACK screen WITH a cursor which i can move around. Now i found a temp fix which is just simply going to my task manager and manually running the process explorer.exe, but i need to fix this as it's a family computer. It worked fine up until today with no problems at all, i downloaded a dodgy program which i realise was stupid of me now, i have now gotten rid of the program completely (i think) but im still getting this error.

And Wiping my PC is NOT an option.

Thanks, Haza