Pendrive Write Protected because of disk full problem

Naazneen Posts 1 Registration date Sunday August 24, 2014 Status Member Last seen August 24, 2014 - Aug 24, 2014 at 02:17 PM

Iam able to connect my pendrive, but all its options like deleting files, copying large files, or changing its letter in device management, formatting it got disabled. Iam unable to perform any function. After inserting my pendrive it shows up for fe secs, then iam unable to detect it,. I tried to format also, but no use.

All i need is, iam having important data inside my pendrive, how to copy it before formatting.I copied all small files, when i try to copy big files, pendrive getting inaccessible.

Next i want some software or tool to format it.

Please help me out, i tried all options to disable write protection like 1. registry 2. diskpart 3. safe mode 4. device management, but none working to remove write protection