Need help solving a connection issue.

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Sorry if this is the wrong category but me and my mom have been trying to solve this issue.
My dad's computer is often times used for work study, he uses a Wireless adapter that has many problems (in my opinion) It often stops working, cannot connect, or fails outright.

So we thought we'd try and connect him to our Ethernet cable. We unplugged one of our extra computers that has internet, and plugged it into his just as a test to try and promote him getting a cable connector instead of an adapter.

Anyway, the test failed outright as when we connected the Ethernet cable, the computer still said "No Internet connection." Or "No hardware detected for internet connection." Opening network sharing, or connect to an internet yields no other results. We reconnected the Ethernet into our previous computer and just like that, Internet is restored. So we know its not a problem with the Ethernet but more so my dad's computer.

Can anyone with more experience in computers, networking, and internet connections please offer some advice onto what's wrong, why wont the Ethernet connect my dad's computer to the Internet, yet it will connect my sisters or brothers computer?

Thank you ~ Hexism