I can't get my data back

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Friday September 5, 2014
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September 5, 2014
hi bro i need ur help ...
i installed the folder lock (7.1.8) on my laptop and i have win 8 on my system.
there i make a locker named ghost locker .... then after few days i see that folder lock is expired. then i saw the option of "restore" so i clicked to restore i gave him a location in Drive (:D) there he just make a empty folder named (Restored Ghost Locker).
then i saw a new partition in my system named Drive (;Z)and my all data in this drive Z
but files are not open and not a video play. even pics are not open.
then i uninstall the folder lock and install new windows on my laptop.
now i can't see that partition which i saw my data but restored folder are in same place.
data is very rare plz help meeee !!!!