How I Fixed my Gateway computer's start up button.

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Monday September 8, 2014
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September 9, 2014

My Gateway laptop computer with the power push button in the hinge would not come on, but I found a solution that fixed the problem temporarily, even after I was told by "Best Buy," that they would fix my computer for $400 dollars, "Office Depot," for $300 dollars, and a local computer repair shop said it wasn't worth it for me to fix the problem ....All I did was to get a very pointed knife with a wooden handle and push the knife point into the crack of the button's side, ever so slightly. This seemed to correct the problem right away. It must have reset the button in some way so the contact point was now touching another contact point inside......And before I did the above, I had tried the disconnect method and removing the battery to no avail....If you try the "pointed knife method", just be sure to unplug your computer first. But if your battery needs a charge to turn on your computer, then leave your computer plugged in, but be careful of an electrical shock if the knife point should happen to touch metal when you push it through the button's side, that is why you need a knife with a wooden or plastic handle. And never turn off your computer using the start up button...It will wear out the button faster, which is what I did..... After I wrote this, I learned from the computer repair shop, that my computer probably has a short. You should always unplug your computer after using it to prevent it from causing a fire if you are not around or at home. And if your computer starts to get hot when using it, turn it off right away and also unplug it, or it could blow up.....My advice if you have a computer that has a faulty power switch is to get a new computer to prevent the above.