Computer powers on, but does not boot

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1 week ago i did shutdown my PC and tomorrow when i did power it all fans are work but

the GPU fan was turning very high and no signal in the monitor, so i did remove the RAM

after removing static energy by holding the power on button for 5 sec after unplug the

power cable, but nothing change so i did remove the PSU RAM and the graphic card and i did

test them in other computer they did work fine, so i decided that the problem is in my mobo

or the CPU but i didn't find any compatible CPU or mobo in my friends computer or in the

shops(my CPU i5 750 , mobo H55-GD65), and in the end i assembled them and the computer

boot normally but the time and the date remain the same as the day that i did shutdown PC

in spite of i did clear the CMOS Using the Motherboard Jumper.

and after 3 day the same problem happened again and i did tray the same process but

nothing happened.

thank you for answers.