HDD light always on no boot

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OK my system is self built from way back in 2005 which was for university work. Since owning a laptop it hasn't been used for nearly 4 years

I remember having trouble with the power. in the last month's of using it i.e. not switching on... I remember one time the BIOS screen said something.... I really can't remember what it said

Oh yeah it was quite load as well coming from inside the machine as if the fans where going into over drive

Fast forward last week I decided to reboot the system to see if I can get some use of of it...

1. Powers up fine. Lights on mob ... However.. HDD light is constantly on with very little noise coming from both HDD

2. Fans run as normal

3. No smell or 'burning odour' as far as I can detect

4. No vga signal being detected

5. No beeps at all

I have removed VGA card...no luck.... Removed RAM modules no luck.... Removed HDD no luck ....removed CMOS battery no luck (although I got a little response from HDD light one time and have replaced it with a new one)

Recently it booted and advised of a CMOS Checksum bad and offered F1 to run SETUP and F2 default values and continue

I selected F2

Once it booted up it said I must register my xp with MS (which is legit) i unplugged the system to wire into a WiFi router to get online...now it wont boot again - HDD light always on fans spin etc. no VGA output detected

Specs...Asus A8V Deluxe...2GB RAM...ATI Radeon 850xt platinum HIS ... 400w PSU

Any ideas?