Transferring data from one workbook to another

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Monday September 22, 2014
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September 22, 2014
I want to copy data from one work book to another.

I have got a data which will be entered by the user on their excel sheet in the specified format from row A1 to L1

Each time they want to log an issue they will add in that sequence. I want a button just where the data finished in this case L1 so at M1 i need a Submit button. And all the data from A1 to L1 needs to be copied to another workbook in the same format on the shared drive on network. I don't want the workbook to be opened on shared drive by anyone except for specified user.

The user when submits, he get a tick of like date and time stamp if it is sent and the Submit button disappears from there.

If there are 100 users for example, The destination sheet should have the ability that every row keeps on adding when one user from his end submits and collate the response on daily basis

If a user submits the request another day, the responses gets collected for the other day

In summary, responses submitted by users on the daily basis gets stored once submitted on the Shared drive in another workbook on the daily basis. And then the master user can click a button and it will collate a weekly or monthly report.

Is that possible? I know I am demanding alot but it will just ease lot of things for me.