Referencing like numbers with different extensions

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Monday September 22, 2014
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September 22, 2014
I'm not sure how to ask this, but I have multiple workbooks sent to me (new job-set up by someone else) with one of the sheets that I am to use in each w/b. However, their current method is to open each of these workbooks (up to five), open the appropriate sheet that lists part numbers and how many of each of those part numbers were produced on that shift for that particular machine. (Each machine has it's own workbook for each of two shifts.)

After those 3-5 sheets are printed for each shift, I am then to manually look through these part number, which may be listed more than once but may have a different REV number at the end of it. However, as far as inventory goes, they are the same part and need to be added together.

Ex: 793654829-1 8
793654829-2 2
4658923 3

Not the same number of digits in all part number and some are letters. However, there are four different sections on the worksheet that I need to reference and each one of these sections may or may not have similar part numbers. I want to set up a sheet to add the part numbers together for me so I don't need to print them, compare the sheets and add them manually each day for two shifts on each machine.

Is that clear enough?