Why does the SIms 3 Keep Crashing?

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So around 2 years ago I bought this Samsung lap top because it was a really reasonable price for the hardware I was getting (64-bit; Intel(R) Core i7, 8GB RAM, 2TB hard drive, and Nvidia GeForce 344.11 Graphics Card).

Recently I re-installed all my Sims games and expansions after having to have my hard drive replaced. The games most relevant to this question are Sims 3, Pets, Late Night, World Adventures, University, Seasons, and Generations. All valid copies that I bought myself or was given as a gift.

Intel deleted by moderator, so I switched full graphic dependence to Nvidia. Best decision ever; the game runs smoothly at the highest possible settings. No lag, no mess.

But this deleted by moderator crashes. Before the hard drive replacement, it crashed maybe once a week, at the most frequent. Now? The longest it's gone without crashing is about an hour, hour-and-a-half. The shortest period of time was five minutes.

I did everything I could to fix it. Deleted old Cache files, removed CC, and listed it under the DEP exemptions. I re-loaded it and it crashed within fifteen minutes.

Look, I'm recovering from a full thyroidectomy. Because I can't raise my head all the way, my posture and back are both in a lot of pain when I sit or stand for more than ten minutes. Which means I've basically been bed-ridden for almost two weeks. I also have radiation coming up, so that means I have to be locked away in a single room for five days so I won't irradiate anyone.

With all this free time away from college and work, all I've got are my games. I've played my entire PS2 collection in the past week or so and I'm about to move onto my PS3 collection. But, honestly, I just want to play Sims. Games like the Last Of Us and Fallout 3 (my top 2 picks for this upcoming marathon) are really fucking hard on the nerves, which are SUPER fried at the moment. Apparently the body doesn't like it when you cut open its neck and pull out its precious tumory gland.

I just want to get this game to function! If you can't think of a solution, you could still help a girl out by giving some light-hearted game suggestions.

Thanks. If you need any more information on the crashes, just ask.