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Wednesday March 26, 2014
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August 21, 2015
Hello Dears,

kindly help me with my problem which is.,

I'm using Word 2010 a lot with Arabic Language. i faced a problem recently, when i open Doc File, i found that the Default View Font for it is Arial Unicode MS.
in same time I want to use Arial with 11 pt but actually when i try to change the Font to be Arial it's back again to Arial Unicode MS.

I tried many times with no way. but it's working correct and good at my Friend's laptop.

below the screen show you that the top part which is with Arial but the 2nd paragraph is the default view when i Open the Doc File.

Also i deleted the Arial Unicode MS from my system (After backup) and word replace it with Tahoma.

Kindly Find for me a solution for this issue ... and please don't suggest to uninstall the Office package Cuz I already Did :(

Below the Screen of what i Explain,. I hope it could be Understand for you :)

Thanks for you cooperation and help.... waiting your great answers.

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