How to Cycle through 2 different workbooks and adding rows from

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i have 2 workbooks customer and Item

customer has 1 sheet named custname which has a list of customer's name in column A (I. E. John, Tom, James, Steve) Column B and C has middle and Last name and Column D has Customer ID (I. E. jba01245789, bsg1245789, etc), column E is the Item limit column. it is either empty or 99999 or has a limit value.

Item has multiple worksheets named as (numberd from 1 to ... and item name)(I.E. 1 potato, 2 Wheel of Car, 3 TOP coat, etc)n with rows of data.

1. i would like to create a new workbook with sheets named after each customer ID.

2. cycle through each item sheet and add (Cut and paste from Item sheet to one of the customer sheet) entire row to the customer ID sheet.


vise versa

cycle through each customer ID sheets and adding (Cut and paste) rows from one of the each item sheets to the customers sheet.

3. each customer has a set number of total items they can have (I.E. Tom can have only 50 item, John can have 10, Etc.)

4. do this until all the item sheets rows are empty or the limit for the item of the customer is reached.