Acer 5738Z's Seems to short circuit when trying to charge [Closed]

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Thursday October 16, 2014
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October 16, 2014
Hi all,

I have been experiencing several issues with my laptops, both Acer 5738Z's.

One from my wife and the other from me.

Here is a little background info what has been done before the latest issue.

Comp#1 Black screen...
When connected to another screen everything displays fine.

Comp#2 Keyboard.... my son pulled of the letters of the remaining working one while it was unattended for one minute.
Action I took was to get a replacement keyboard and change it.

Comp#2 Charger... the dog ate trough the cable of the charger and after resoldering the wires a few times after them breaking (months later) I bought a new charger from evilbay..(we lost the other charger while traveling).. now doodoo hits the fan...

Comp#2 Will not charge anymore but works fine until the battery was empty,
could not charge it as when I tried to connect the charger there where some little sparks and the light on the charger wen't off... I suspect short circuit somewhere.

At this time I am starting to panic and am afraid we lost or will loose all out pictures and info

Comp#1... Got wise and took the screen of comp#2 and installed on Comp#1
Yay where back but.......

Started organizing the pictures and wanted to take the files off the comp and install on desktop and USB stick for backup when...

Battery does not charge anymore and light of the adapter is off.

I fix the old original charger one once more and try to charge the Comp#1 but it now has the same issue as Comp#2 had... sparks when connecting and charger light going off.

If I unplug the charger from the laptop and re-plug it in the wall socket the charger light stays on....

End-result... 2 laptops non working all photo's and data gone

Can anybody please advise what I can do to fix at least one.
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