Laptop screen display won't show

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Problem:My laptop screen usually won't turn on with the memory on it...

okay i have an ASUS laptop it is already 4 years on me.. but i already replace the battery and the memory... the problem is lately my laptop screen won't turn on I connected it to the external monitor and it is all okay so i went to some computer specialist to have it repaired so they say that something went wrong with my video card some sort of overheated and they were able to fix it but after a few months there it goes again i returned it to them and the next day they said that i just have to fully charged it and turned it on.. it works for a day, but when i went home there it goes again nothing in the screen but it is showing in the external monitor. So I decided to open the back of my laptop and remove the Memory to avoid future damage on it and i try to turn it on many times and it is working and when I returned the memory it is working not more than 3 on and off, I just really wanted to know any opinion because I kind of lost my trust in any computer technician..