Copying from master 'list' to new workbook

JeffDC - Oct 31, 2014 at 11:50 PM

I have an patient excel workbook which contains client columns for last name, first name, etc, and a (text) column titled 1:1, which contains text value (day and time) or is blank, and a text column, named Group, which contains text data, or is blank.

I'd like to be able to automatically send any 'full' row that has text in either/both of the 1:1 column and/or group column to a different workbook, thus automatically creating a 'client schedule', which can also be automatically sorted each time a new row is (automatically) added.

To better detail, for the row that is being copied, I want to send the same particular (same cells) of the row, not all of the cells in the row.

Thank you.