Ps3 wireless connecting then shortly after the connection fails

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Sunday November 2, 2014
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November 2, 2014
This started like three weeks ago. My PS3 would connect to my wireless modem, i'd watch some netflix or play some destiny then all the sudden an hour or so later the ps3 would go connection lost no dns and crap out. This has escalated to almost automatically when i log onto my user now.
Before all i had to do was reset my modem and reset the ps3, now that doesn't work for more then five minutes. with that being said I am on my laptop maybe 5 feet from my ps3 and several feet farther away then my modem.
My laptop and tablet can run off my wifi as well as the cellphones and have never had an issue. This actually just started to happen and the playstations has worked without being directly wired in on its own for like two years now. Does anyone have any other ideas to fix this problem. Again these are what i've tried from the forum thus far.
-Restarted wifi modem and ps3
-enabled then disabled media server
-tried to reconnect to the wifi modem manually through setting and it wont find any modems.