Highlight only if drop down menu changes? Excel 2010

NahteViro Posts 1 Registration date Tuesday November 4, 2014 Status Member Last seen November 4, 2014 - Nov 4, 2014 at 08:36 AM

I am trying to format my sheet so that it will highlight the cell only if my drop down menu changes from one value to another. I know how to make it highlight with a combination of VBA and conditional formatting, but that also makes it so if i even click into the menu, that it will highlight the cell. I want it to highlight ONLY if the cell changes. For example, here's my drop down list....

1. WIP
2. Queue
4. Issue Approval
5. Test

If the value changes from "1. WIP" to "2. Queue", highlight the cell green. If the value stays the same, do nothing.