Simple copy/paste macro sheet to sheet

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I am trying to use a receipt template in excel to print individual receipts. Once all data is entered, I will make single receipt printout of template. On sheet 2, I have a database set up to record the individual fields as I print the receipt. This is to be used as a list of all printed receipts thus entering the data in the next available row.

I've a elementary working knowledge of excel and cannot even begin to understand macros. Ive browsed the web and tried a few that I've found but none work. Would someone help me please? While I can get into Visual Basic and navigate, I can't debug the macros I've tried and I CAN NOT write them.

Thank you in advance!!


Cell B6 sheet 1 = date copy to column b (starting at b4) sheet 2

cell b7 sheet 1 = name copy to column c (starting at c4) sheet 2

and so on for cells b8, b9, e6, e7, and e8 sheet 1 to columns d, e, f, and g