Auto-copy data from one sheet to another in excel

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Thursday November 13, 2014
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November 13, 2014

I have a master excel sheet that houses all of my data used to create several reports. Looking to transfer/copy data from this master sheet into another sheet or workbook without having to copy and paste. The thing is that not all of the information in the row should be copied to the new sheet and some of the cells to be copied include formulas. My guess is that I will need to use a macro and not a formula?

Here is a snapshot of the data:

The column headings I want included are A(Comm), B(Qty), C(Ticket#), F(LINE #), G(Desc), H(RATE), I(Amount), J(Total), K(LOC), L(Received), M(Comm2), N(Water), O(Elec), P(Sewer), Q(Gas)

The condition should be that if something is entered into column B(Qty) then the line item/row should copy to another sheet including the formatting. I'd also like to be able to delete the line items from the second sheet and not have it affect the first sheet.

Can someone please help me out? I am spinning my wheels trying to figure this one out.