Excel Auto Create Sheet and Populate [Closed]

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Tuesday November 18, 2014
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November 18, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I'm looking to create the following; I have a list of employees who will be working on an event. The event is broken up into stages, Cocktails, Dinner, Coffee. Columns would be created respectfully. It would look something like below.

Waiter Cocktails Dinner Coffee
Stephen Butler Table 1 John

If I import or paste a list of 100 servers into the Waiter column, I need excel to create an individual sheet for each of the servers with the following columns; Waiter, Cocktails, Dinner Coffee. When I populate each of the columns with their tasks, i.e. Cocktails, Dinner, Coffee, I would like the individual sheet to also populate specific columns with their tasks.

In Addition, each of the sheets will have static information based on the event that they are working, which could be a timeline or a description of the event. This could be something I just cut and paste into information sheet which will auto populate on each of the sheets created.

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