LG Monitor Wont Turn On [Closed]

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Saturday November 22, 2014
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November 22, 2014
Hi guys Luke here back for more help :)

So here's the problem i got a new monitor bracket arm thing monitor worked fine before mounting.
I mounted it and it would not turn on i have tried taking it off and back on the stand and tried turning it back on but it still wont turn back on. Strange thing the computer still detects the monitor and shows up in the windows screen resolution setting when the power and the hdmi of the monitor is plugged in and doesn't show it when not plugged in so it is still working to some extent just no picture is showing. It is a LG IPS LED 23EA63 Monitor here it is http://www.ebay.co.u...A-/331103134616 . It was brand new from ebuyer when i brought it and it is still under warranty by a month so if you guys cant help me fix it then i will just send it back and get a replacement. Another thing is when i hold the function button as for the as i am holding it the function button turns on the red light at the front. All the other buttons don't seem to do anything(as far as i can tell). When screwing in the top left corner screw(when looking at it from the back)did click a few times when going in so if there is anything important under there that controls the monitor maybe i broke it or went through it??
Um thing thats about all any and all help will be great thanks so much guys really need this fixed asap using a crappy monitor atm :) ! - Luke