Copy row from sheet 1 to sheet 2 if value is x

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November 25, 2014

I've searched around and can't really find anything that answers my question or I can understand. I'm quite able with excel but not great with macros.

Basically I have a spreadsheet where I have around 10 sheets, 1 sheet for each type of machinery, and on each sheet is the machinery we have for that type, along with its serial numbers and service dates.

I also want a sheet for each truck we own and when I select a compressor as being on Truck 1, the whole row will copy over to the sheet for Truck 1, so we can easily see all the compressors on one page, but also all of the different machinery that is on truck 1.

Sheet 1 is a list of all of the compressors
Sheet 2 is a list of all of the gauges
Sheet 3 is a list of all of the drills
sheet 4 is the machinery on truck 1
Sheet 5 is the machinery on truck 2

I want it so that if on sheet 1, column C says Van 1, it will copy that row to sheet 4.
If sheet 1 column c says Van 2, it will copy that row to sheet 5.

If anybody could give me advice on how I could achieve this, It would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.