PC not sending signal to monitor after startup [Closed]

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Saturday November 29, 2014
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November 29, 2014
Hey all,

Hope one of you can help me! The other day I went to play a game and as it was starting the screen went blank. As my PC is plugged into my Panasonic 50" I knew the signal had dropped out as the PC symbol top left of the screen appeared. Frustrated I restarted it, and now when I restart my pc everything seems fine until just after the "windows is starting" screen appears the signal drops out, I have picture up until that point. I am posting this in safe mode at the moment and resolution etc is fine in safe mode, is only when I want to boot in normal mode that I have problems. I tried the power cord trick, I completely disconnected the pc, uninstalled and reinstalled graphics driver, pulled sides off, checked mobo (GIGABYTE GA-H61M-S2P-B3), graphics card (NVIDIA 210), ram cards, vacuumed everything, fans all working fine, all peripherals working fine, as my monitor is also my TV, all TV av channels checked and working fine. So PLEASE can someone tell me why I'm not getting a signal and HTF do I fix it.