Create a formula in excel to scan workbook and move to new one

mario - Dec 4, 2014 at 04:56 PM
I want to know how to create a formula that scans all of column A only for duplicate data and if found than in a new worksheet copy the entire first row that has duplicate data. If duplicate data is found I also need to know how to copy the data from column B of the duplicate and add it to the new column B on the new worksheet with a comma and a space than the data.

ex: Workbook1

TR18305 |GRN |Active |3.60 |PC |24
TR18305 |NAT |Active |3.60 |PC |24
TR18305 |PINK |Active |3.60 |PC |24
ex: Workbook2

TR18305 |GRN, Nat, PINK |Active |3.60 |PC |24