Excel Macro to Create a Workbook for Each Change in Column A

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Hello everyone. I love forums like this where the community helps one another and solve real life problems faced by real users.

I would very much appreciate if someone could provide me with a macro that will create a new workbooks all data for each filtered value in column A ( NAMES ) with the name of the workbooks being set as the contents of each filter parameter.

It seems that if I could automatically filter all the data by stepping through each unique item within Column A then copying that filtered data into a new workbook and name that workbook the text content used to filter; Then go back to the original workbook, select the next unique item in column A and filter using that new item, copy, create workbook, paste, save ....

To do this until reaching the end of Column A or when all unique items have been used to filter all the data and create workbooks.

I also have to email each newly created workbook to the NAMES in column A. Essentially sending only the data to each name represented in Column A.

I hope I was clear enough to make sense.

I thank you all for taking the time to review my request. It's been too long sense I worked with macros unfortunately.

Thank you in advance,