Compaq Presario V6000 Early Overheating / Display Issue [Closed]

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Tuesday December 9, 2014
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December 9, 2014
I Bought this laptop from my friend (2nd hand due of tight budget) but the problem is, this laptop is having a overheating issues everytime i use it (about 30-1 hr).

and the worst scenario, everytime i use my laptop around 3-4 hrs (w/out cooling fan), my screen will be going black and i see some trash graphics around it

and when I boot it up, it stays in black screen and auto rebooting around 30 secs.

I check it to my trusted technician regards of this and it fixed, but the problem is when i regular use it (around 2 weeks) the problem will be going back again

I bought a cooling fan from computer store and it reduces the overheating (when using cooling fan, it overheats about 2-4 hrs and when i using it regularly, it takes around 6-10 hrs) and I Change the power usage into power saving. it extends the usage but same problems

I Would like to ask a question if i would replace my graphics card or the motherboard to fix this issue, since my ram does not having a problem afterall.

I want to fix my laptop ASAP due of my networking business, I Can't work without it.

Thanks and more power of kioskea.

PS: Sorry for my bad english btw.

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