Automatic duplication of info to sheet 2 for ordering form

Pierre - Dec 19, 2014 at 12:37 PM

I'd like to know if anyone on this board could help me or direct me to where I can find an answer to my question.

We use excel as an ordering form which has columns for Part # | Desc | Price | Quantity | Total |
Customers will order some items which are defined by using each row, but not order other items.

Is there a way to automatically propagate all the row data of what the customers ordered by using the quantity as the reference point to another sheet. This would condense the order form to a manageable size instead of having to print 50 pages of paper. It would condense and consolidate what has been ordered into say 2 pages.

For example if customer orders quantity great than 0 ---> automatically send all row and column data exactly as shown to sheet 2

If customer quantity is = 0, do nothing

I hope this is clear enough to understand