Monitor Detects HDMI But says no signal? [Closed]

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Monday December 29, 2014
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December 29, 2014

I recently got a new LG 24GM77 gaming monitor and it works like great. However, the only reason I got this new monitor was because it had a hdmi port in order to record videos and post them up to youtube using elgato. I have used DVI all my life I never used HDMI. When I plugged in my HDMI cable my monitor automatically gives my an option saying HDMI 1 external Input has been inserted do you want to switch? An as i do that its goes black screen and gives me a message saying no signal. I have done many research on how to solve it, I have done many methods and its just doesn't seem to work. I am getting kind of frustrated and this point. Remember this is just for ONE monitor, so PC to Monitor using via HDMI.

Here are specs of my computer:

Windows 8
i5 processor
Geforce Gtx 660 Graphics Card
8 GB of DDR3 ram
600 GB of HDD
Asus Z87-Plus Gaming Motherboard
LG 24GM77 gaming monitor

I have heard that the video card, Geforce Gtx 660, did have a problem where it will not detect signal of the monitor via HDMI. I have tried a method called a HDMI reset and it didn't work. So im kind of losing my mind of what to do. Any computer experts out there that would help me solve this hard or easy problem?


P.S if you need more info. about my computer please notify me thank you!

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