I need help, a macro that will filter, copy, and then paste.

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Hi there, thank you for opening this. I really need some help. I began working at a hotel and lets just say that they need some help. I've been using Excel for about 3 days now, yes i am such a newbie at this. I have learned a great deal so much but macros.. they just seem to escape me.

I will attempt to be as descriptive as possible and i will appreciate any help and teaching that can be provided.

Pretty much what i am trying to do here is create a database based on Payment Type. Each shift has its own tab and during each shift the employee enters a range of information and i need a macro that will filter which guest uses which payment type "CA", "CC", "CK", "DB", "DR", and "GR", copy the results of that filter (not empty rows though) to a different workbook with the Payment Type as the lables of the worksheets inside that workbook. I need this to automatically happen after all the information has been entered for that customer row so that its an automatically updating database.

Furthermore, the data that is currently in each of the tabs of the payment type i need to stay in there. So that means that i need it to look for the next empty row instead of deleting already existing information. A need a workbook like this to be made everyday so that we have an archive that if need be we can go back through.

I hope i am explaining this well enough. The workbook it is going to be pulling the information from is going to be whatever the "(current date) Shift Data" is, and the workbook that i need it to be saved to to be "(the current date) FINE DATA".

Example: "12-16-2014 Shift Data", and then "12-16-2014 FINE DATA".

I need the workbook and the worksheets with the tabs labled as the Payment type created everyday, if this could be done automatically, that would be amazing.

Ill also attach the current workbook that i currently have created with just random data in the first tab ("Shift 1") and the formulas that the workbook requires already active.

If possible i also need all tabs to autosort (both workbooks, and all tabs) after the rows data has finished entry so that it stays with the customer name alphabetical order but also so that it only happens at the end of the entry, Payment Type is the last now inwhich information is entered, Remaining Balance is auto calculated, as is Balance Owed.

I understand that this is alot to just ask for someone to just do for me, and i have been using google, looking at videos, reading fourms, and even just recording macros to see how its done to see if i can learn by doing. Even if you wont make this for me, explaining to me how i could make such a massivly complicated macro would be amazing and i would be forever grateful.

Any questions or any help etc..
I can be reached anytime at DerrickJVaccaro@gmail.com

Yours Truely

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