Dell N4050 wont start even after hard reset [Closed]

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Saturday January 3, 2015
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January 3, 2015

Suddenly my laptop dell inspiron N4050 turned off n when i turned switching it on it wont.. after several times of holding the power button if swtiched on to a black screen saying something about boot. Since im not a tech savy i got confused and pressed the power buttin thinking may be the msg will disappear if i restart the computer. The screen went blank and since then the laptop hasnt turned on. The charger light is on and so was the chsrging light on the laptop but i hear no fan sounds, no beeps..nothing when i press the power button...nothing happens at all.
I tried the hard reset steps..draining battery taking out battery...pressing power button for 45secs..put the battery in..connected to charger..n woolah!! Nothing happened...infact now the laptop charging light is not even coming up..its off...though it was on before this step!
Can someone plzzz help me!! I dont want the hassle of going to the store...


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